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Cricket Magazine Group began offering top-quality children’s literature over 35 years ago and also published a line of beautifully illustrated literary magazines for children of all ages: BABYBUG®, for children ages 6 months to 3 years; LADYBUG®, for ages 3 to 6; SPIDER®, for ages 6 to 9, and CRICKET®, for ages 9-14. The company also publishes a line of nonfiction magazines devoted to the sciences, arts, and humanities: CLICK®, for ages 3 to 7, ASK®, for ages 7 to 10, and MUSE®, for ages 10 and up. CICADA®, a challenging and entertaining literary magazine for teens and young adults ages 14 and up was added in 1998.

In 2008, Cricket Magazine Group launched ad-free Web sites for kids to correspond with each of its publications. Carefully designed to enhance the company’s mission to nurture a love of reading and writing, stimulate a child’s imagination and intellect, and encourage creative expression, these Web sites offer a safe space for children to engage with interactive content that complements the top-quality literature and nonfiction found in our magazines.

 is the Web site for spider kids who subscribe to SPIDER®, an award-winning magazine for newly independent readers. Here kids can listen to lively audio recordings of poems and stories found in the magazine, browse and share reviews of classic and contemporary children’s books, and discover a variety of creative projects to pursue offline as well as puzzles and games that will engage their language and logic skills. The site also offers kids the opportunity to enter art and writing contests and view work created by readers.

SPIDER magazine is a children’s magazine filled with fun stories, poems, and activities perfectly pitched for newly independent readers and learners. It’s specially written and edited for children who have reached that amazing age when they first get excited about reading on their own.

SPIDER magazine is beautiful. Its full-color pages are illustrated with bright, detailed drawings and paintings by famous children’s artists. Parents appreciate that SPIDER contains no advertising. 

SPIDER magazine is overflowing with stories that have all the intriguing plots, engaging humor, and new ideas that kids crave. Plus, SPIDER magazine readers enjoy the infectious fun of the Danderfield Twins, written by Polly Horvath, National Book award-winner.

Each 40-page issue also offers its readers articles, humor, games, activities, puzzles, and projects, plus multicultural folk tales from around the world.  It’s the ideal story and activity magazine for former LADYBUG readers and all 6- to 9-year-olds who love to learn and read. It’s even been known to show a reluctant reader how much fun reading can be!

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