How to Draw and Color an Underwater Scene

Underwater scene drawings are the favourite of every kid and normally, the kids will learn to draw animals like the fish very fast. Herein is a guide on how to come up with underwater scene drawings for the kids and all the ways to color the drawings. The choice of the right colour medium is important to the kids who have an interest in learning the art and it should actually start right at the age of around six to seven years old. Among the colour medium kids should use is the oil pastels since they match or rather blend easily and kids will be seen enjoying the blending and shading techniques.

Underwater scene drawings are the love of most kids and this topic is mostly provided in art competitions which are supported by kids martial arts as well. Drawing different animals is not as easy as such for kids, but then, the underwater creatures like the fishes are finding to be simple due to their body structure that is not somehow bony. Read on to learn how to make this topic a success to the kids.

The required materials to start the project

First, get a drawing file of whatever size you will require. For our topic, if the kid will use oil pastels for instance in colouring, quality doesn’t matter as the colour medium works best on almost all surfaces. So, have in place a pack of oil pastel of at least 24 shades, a pencil, a sharpener, and also an eraser. Look all these at a reputable store and also any oil pastel brand can be used. 

Step by step guide to learn to draw underwater scenes

  • Begin by drawing a few rocks on both sides and just right at the bottom of the page
  • Next is drawing the seaweed may be straight like wavy or grass on both rocks
  • At the rocks, draw a crab and one starfish to start with
  • At the centre of your drawing, come up with a drawing of a clownfish, drawing this kind of fish is actually the simplest of all.
  • Right at the middle empty area top draw one big sized angelfish and something of some baby size angelfish right behind the big mummy angelfish you drew.
  • Just right below the clownfish you made to draw, come up with a drawing of one octopus and also may be one jellyfish at any point you will need.
  • All the drawings can be learned right from the videos online if you find them hard to do.
  • After you have completed doing this, it’s now time to outline your entire drawing with the help of a black sketch pen or even you can consider a green sketch pen to outline the seaweeds as per what seems appealing to you.
  • Complete your project by rubbing the drawings after you have made the outlines for neatness and also to remove the marks that were made by the pencil.

These are important steps to follow to make the right underwater scene drawings.