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Magic Tube

What You’ll Need: 
  • tape
  • small objects like ribbons or rubber bands
Getting Ready:
  1. Roll one sheet of paper into a tube. Tape it together and decorate it.
  2. Roll the other sheet of paper into a cone-shaped tube. Make the wide end the same size as your first tube. Make the narrow end smaller, but don’t close it all the way.
  3. Fit the cone-shaped tube inside the first tube. Tape them together. From the outside, it looks like one tube. Only you know the inside is narrow at one end.
  4. Hide small objects (like ribbons or rubber bands) in the space. 
  1. Gather an audience of friends or family.
  2. Hold the tube horizontally so the audience can see through it. Keep the “trick end” toward you.
  3. Say, “When I say the magic words, I will make objects appear out of thin air!”
  4. Say your magic words. Turn the tube vertically. Pull the hidden objects from the top. 
Why it works: The human brain sees what it expects to see. Your friends think they are looking through an ordinary tube. The hole at the end looks small. But they won’t think that’s strange—the far end of a tube always looks smaller. 

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