Why Spider Magazine?

Magazines are excellent materials that assist your kid to grow with some requisite knowledge. Libraries have a wide selection of magazines that one could choose from. The problem is that there are magazines for adults, teenagers and kids so you should be careful about the magazine you pick for your kid.

Ensure that you pick a magazine for kids that have educational information for your kid. Choose a magazine that you feel grows your child. Magazines will inform your kid of what happens around and it has been established that some magazines have introduced some people to some sports and events that they do even today.

The children’s magazines do also have websites where you could even more information or many other magazines for your kid. Many of the websites do publish exactly what is there in the hard copy magazine. It is advisable that as you go through the hard copy you could also be going through the one on the site to acquire full information and the exact pictorials in high definition.

Spider Magazine
This is a kid’s magazine that is written to kids in the age bracket 6 to 9 years. This magazine is published in the United States and tells poems, short original stories, activities, games and nonfiction articles. The magazine also has illustrations from famous authors all over the world.
The magazine has art and writing competition in every issue and does publish pieces from the readers. Some of the features and things in the magazine that will take care of your child’s changing interest include:

  • A spider’s mailbox. This is the first section. It is where readers of the magazine questions and comments are displayed.
  • Doodlebug and Dandelion. This is a continuing story that is written by Pamela Dell with every issue having a different storyline of the story.
  • Ophelia’s last word. This appears on the very last page of each issue. Ophelia gives out an idea, a piece of wisdom or gives a clue on themes that will appear in the next issue.

Lady Bug Magazine
It is the ideal magazine for growing kids between the years 3 to 6. The magazine features engaging illustrations, beautiful poetry and enchanting stories that will help your child develop faster. The magazine features bewitching stories written by top authors that are just perfect for your child.
The magazine has even garnered some awards as being the parents’ choice because of its educational content that grows your child. From the awesome illustrations that grace the front cover to the top-notch stories, songs, and activities, every issue is curated to build a strong affection for reading and appreciation for highly decorated art.

Baby Bug Magazine
The baby bug magazine is quite useful for kids between the ages of 6 months to 3 years. It delivers the highest quality of stories, plays, and poems. Every issue of this particular magazine is produced to educate and entertain young readers as they grow up.

Amaze your kids today with a copy of this award-winning magazine today and they will be thankful to you forever. The magazine is produced nine times in a year with beautiful content such as traditional and action rhymes and the loved serial of Kim and carrots among other great features.

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